An Exclusive NOLA ChristmasFest Interview with the Snow Princess


NOLA ChristmasFest:   What is it like being the Snow Princess?

Snow Princess:   It’s very cold but I enjoy frozen things.   It’s also very sparkly.   I love it when children tell me hello!

NOLA ChristmasFest:     What are some of your favorite things?

Snow Princess:  Hot cocoa,  the colors light blue and white,  glitter, singing, and large dresses.  I also enjoy twirling in my dress and riding the rides at NOLA ChristmasFest!

NOLA ChristmasFest:  What do you do when you’re not at ChristmasFest?

Snow Princess:  I spend the rest of my year living in my magical Snow Forest, and I also spend a lot of time traveling and visiting the children of the world.   I get ready for NOLA ChristmasFest months in advance making sure my magical trees are just right for the children who come to visit me.

NOLA ChristmasFest:  What are your favorite songs?

Snow Princess:  Baby it’s Cold Outside is a good one.  I also love the song about Letting Go.

NOLA ChristmasFest:  What would people be surprised to know about you?

Snow Princess:   That I love the warm weather in New Orleans!  It makes for a nice change from my everyday life.

NOLA ChristmasFest:  Do you have a magic wand?  What does it do?

Snow Princess:  My magic wand is used for all sorts of magic,  but I primarily use it at NOLA ChristmasFest to keep the ice skating rink frozen!  I love to watch little boys and girls ice skate.

NOLA ChristmasFest:  Thank you so much for doing this interview!

Snow Princess:   Thank you so much for interviewing me!  Please tell the children to make sure they come and see me at Christmas Fest!  I’m always looking for future Snow Princesses in training!