How Mrs. Claus Saved Christmas

Here is a story about the time ‘the fastest oil change’ saved Christmas…

Santa is getting ready for his trip to NOLA ChristmasFest but he needs a tune up for his sled.

“How are we going to get to NOLA ChristmasFest with a beat-up sled?” says Santa.

One little elf, named Magnolia, says “We can fix it but I don’t want to ruin my clothes for the pictures with the kids!”

All the elves sigh in sadness. So Santa looks at the reindeer.

Treme, the eldest reindeer, says “We can just pull it but we won’t have enough energy to go down the two ice slides!”

All the reindeer nod in agreement. Then, Santa looks at the Snow Princess and Frosty.

The Snow Princess says, “We can uses our Christmas Magic but we’ll need some of it to help us skate on the real ice rink!”

Then Mrs. Clause exclaims, “Let’s just go to Take 5 Oil Change: “The Fastest Oil Change on the Planet!” Everyone cheers for joy.

And so Santa and his helpers got their sled in order thanks to Take 5, and enjoyed free parking at NOLA ChristmasFest.”

That was the time Take 5 Oil Change saves Christmas.

Bring your car for an oil change at a Take 5 Oil Change location between Lafayette and Pensacola to receive a free parking voucher to NOLA ChristmasFest. See the Take 5 Locations.

Remember parking is in Lot F and the festival magic begins in Hall I for Ice!